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There was an abundance of sea and plant life on the coastal edge sustaining the Masterstock creators with wild food rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.  They became healthy and vital absorbing the amino acids that their diet provided.  They integrated into their environment through what they digested, leaving an imprint into how they felt, thought, created and became.

Masterstock Cape Wild Food holds the essence of wild refined food in a bottle of convenient versatile flavour.  Their selectively sourced wild and biodynamic green vegetables and cape herbs from heirloom origins are grown and hand harvested in the pristine fertile soils of the Cape.  Ingredients are roasted and slow cured to form flavourful and nutrient rich master blends available in stocks, salts, green flakes and edible blossoms.

In the pack is the following:
Hibiscus Salt 50ml
Cape Tomato Salt 50ml R50
Cape Seaweed Salt 50ml
Cape Fynbos Salt 50ml
Golden Turmeric Salt 50ml
Cape Blossom Salt
Cape Blossoms 50ml
Green Stock 50ml
Cape Red Wine Salt 50 ml

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100% Vegan

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