About Us

Living Out the Box is our way of sharing with you, fellow vegans and like minded people, amazing products, recipes and lifestyle tips. All of this and so much more will arrive at your doorstep!

Why the box?

Stopping your contribution to the exploitation of animals is not the only reason for choosing vegan, however, for many it remains the key factor in their decision. Reducing your carbon footprint, living a healthier, fuller and more rewarding life are other reasons why people make this positive lifestyle choice. Either way, you know that you are doing the right thing for your health and the positive impact on the environment! The movement has a huge heart, and we are feeling this. Making the change is a positive daily lifestyle practice.

Why do you need this box?

Living Out The Box has the power to bring unicorns to life! Ok… maybe not quite that.. But it will inspire your life, . Whether you are new to the lifestyle or have been vegan for a while, with living out the box you will discover the abundance a vegan lifestyle has to offer - beyond the daily fruit cup and grilled veggie plate. A world of delicious and fun experiences awaits, through a kind and conscious way of living. Its a powerful gift that keeps on giving, be inspired, Live Out The Box.

Whats in the box?

Something old, something new, something exclusive, and a sneak preview.... from vegan treats to everyday necessities, washing powder and cosmetics too. We will throw in recipes and reading material to motivate you and help you stay smart about your lifestyle. You may also find once in a lifetime special offers, try-before-you-buy awesome samples, as well as information on goodies you won’t want to miss out on and where to get them. Our aim is to support local and only provide you with product that you could get here in SA. At times we will include imported items, special gifts that make this subscription box that much more unique.

About the team:

Coming from two different worlds, the team behind Living Out the Box are Cherice and Abby!

Cherice is spontaneous and active by nature, enjoying the likes of mountain biking, paddling and running. She loves nature and all that the outdoors has to offer, she is always up for an adventure!. She is a mom of two amazing kids, fiercely protective and a little cow obsessed! She has spent many years working with rescue parrots and her driving force is the ethical treatment of farm animals..  Cherice was once told to get rid of her dog or her partner (who is also the father of her children), she chose the dog!!! She is the creative director in the team, with a background in marketing and graphic design. All the amazing graphic work is done in-house, by her.

Cherice began her vegan journey after a watching a documentary on TV. She feels strongly about the horrors of the dairy industry and is a firm advocate against it.


Abby is a child of the earth, extremely passionate about animal rights and activism. She can regularly be found protesting outside various institutions.

She is a wife to Vihan, and mom to one human child and one fur child. Her guilty pleasures include cooking and eating! Abby considers being in the kitchen as her down time (she is a bit odd).

After school Abby studied a Bachelor of Education in Foundation phase and followed that up with a Post Grad certificate in Remedial Education. Always having a keen interest in cooking she entered Masterchef SA and was in the top 20, aswell as Namibian Junior Chef of The Year where she placed 1st…expect some exciting recipes to land in your boxes!!! A couple of years of catering and cheffing gone by and photography grabbed her interest. She decided to pursue this career path and it was at a photo shoot that her and Cherice first met… more about that in our blog ????


Together, they make the fun and exciting team behind “Living Out the Box”.

Delivery Included

Because Abby knows getting a surprise at check out sux

100% Vegan

And mostly locally sourced.. because we are that awesome


We are always here to help where we can