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Isn’t it amazing how people walk in and out of our lives, and very often, if you are not in the right place at the right time you would not have met certain people who may play an integral part of your life.

This was the case on the day that we met Janet. We were having a Living Out the Box meeting in Wilderness. Our meeting spot was at a local restaurant, but after realising that they had no plant-based milk alternatives we decided to move on the Green Shed https://web.facebook.com/greenshedwilderness/ which, by the way, does a great Almond cappuccino.

It was here that Janet was setting up her art exhibition. Obviously, we were admiring her art and started chatting. Amazing how connections are made- she to is a vegan, and had read about our box only the day before. My brainwaves started going into overdrive… I had to get Janet involved! Lightbulb moment!!! She can illustrate our beautiful keepsake recipe cards that will adorn fridges countrywide! Amazingly, she was equally excited about this concept, and jumped onboard!

Janet is going to be travelling with her husband for a year, experiencing new cultures and building memories. We wish her well on her travels and look forward to the work that she will be doing for us from across the globe.

She kindly gave us beautiful art pieces for our homes as well as for our office. We now have a little piece of her wherever we are.

Follow Janet on social media @ https://web.facebook.com/janetbotes/

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