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Since the late 80’s, plastic straws have been on the top 10 list  of items found on the coast during beach and marine cleanups.  With millions used worldwide, we have to start taking responsibility and start saying ‘no thanks’ to the plastic straw and ‘yes please’ to a greener alternative.


From a personal perspective, how big of an impact can you make by switching from plastic straws to Stream glass straws?

Well, if you made use of 2 plastic straws per week, that would add up to an incredible sum of 7131 in your lifetime. The option is there to say ‘no thanks’ and to embrace 1 Stream glass straw that will be with you for your entire life.


Are you a business that gives out as little as 20 plastic straws daily?

You can benefit economically and make a positive environmental impact by switching to reusable glass straws.

Become part of the green movement and stand out as a pioneer in reusable products. For more information on how to make the swap, contact us through the form in link.

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