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A buddha bowl is an amazing concept, it is in effect a bowl made up of different components that somehow all work together. When creating a Buddha bowl, anything (And I mean anything) goes, but the basic outline generally remains the same.

My guidelines that I like to follow are the following:

Pick a grain or a starch:

This can be anything from quinoa, to barley, to sweet potatoes or even vermicelli noodles.

Fresh greens:

I like to have a base of lettuce, rocket, cabbage or spinach to work from.

Pick your protein:

Tofu, legumes and mock meats all fall under the protein category… use what you have in the house!

Give it an edge:

An edge can be anything different and punchy; ginger, chilli, a great dressing, fresh herbs, pickles, lemon or lime.

Add your veg:

Seasonal produce is important here, the more seasonal the produce, the brighter the colours and fresher the taste! Not to mention the bonus of being eco-friendly! Cooked or raw, roasted or grated, anything goes!

Something extra:

For my something extra I like to think of something that could tie everything together, something between a dressing and vegetable… something like guacamole, hummus, a puree… anything with a good, light flavour that unites the elements.


We are sharing the components of one of our bowls with you… it is a basic week night bowl which takes very little effort to prepare but is healthy and tasty!


Midweek Bowl!

Grain Base: I roasted baby sweet potato rounds in a little bit of olive oil until caramelized.

Fresh Greens: I absolutely adore “rabbit food”… any greenery! I added a handful of mixed lettuce leaves. An addition of fresh parsley also gave this bowl a lift.

Protein: Roast chickpeas (recipe accessible on Living Out the Box website) and Hemp seeds were the choice of proteins for this bowl. They added a great crunchy element.

Edge: For my edgy element I pickled some red onions, also so easy, will do a post about pickling soon! I also added an additional carby/crunchy element by adding some basil croutons.

Add your veg: I tend to go overboard with my veg… because I love different flavours, colours and textures so much! I added halved rosa tomatoes, mini cucumber ribbons, Roast tenderstem broccoli, artichoke quarters and some julienne carrot and beetroot.

Something extra: The extra that brought this bowl together was a beautiful, smooth, roast red pepper hummus that I spread on the bottom of the bowl to keep all of my elements in their place, but they connect with the hummus. He is like the friend that brings all his friends who don’t know each other to a party… he connects them!


Have fun creating your bowls! Remember, there is no wrong or right way of creating this magic. Everyone has different tastes and preferences… the only thing is that people eat with their eyes, keep your produce beautiful, dress your bowl beautifully, treat your food with the respect it deserves!

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