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How did Living Out the Box start?

 The universe has such a beautiful way of bringing people together… Cherice and I came from completely different backgrounds, we even live in different towns, but if something is meant to happen… it will. I believe in feeding positivity into the universe, if you want something, envision it, picture it, then achieve it. This is our beginning…

I had just moved back to the Garden Route area after spending 8 years in Windhoek, Namibia. I am a water child and always had to come back home, the ocean with a strong dose of “Vitamin Sea” was calling me. The time came for us to return, with a toddler, a dog, 2 cars full of our most precious possessions and without jobs, we took the plunge.

I immediately started a WhatsApp group for vegans in the area, so that we could support each other and meet like-minded people. It was through this, that there was a new career path mapped in my stars. I posted that I was looking for a “nude model” … the Witfontein forest had burnt and tens of thousands of hectares of landscape went up in smoke, I wanted to capture this in a beautiful way, symbolizing new life and growth, and paying tribute to mother earth who and the many many creatures, great and small, who lost their lives… what better way to do so, than with a forest fairy? It was to this request that Cherice responded.

We met up one after noon to do the shoot, it was beautiful, the forest floor was coming alive, the contradiction of the pitch-black charcoal covering the ground, and the striking green fern heads slowly unraveling was surreal, it was in this setting that I got to photograph my fairy. Little did we know that a life long friendship and business partnership would also grow from the awakening forest.

A week or two later my husband and I went through to Knysna and met Cherice at The Vegan Kitchen to give her the photos, it was here that she mentioned a Vegan Subscription Box and that she had put a lot of thought and research into it but did not want to tackle it alone. My response: “Let’s do it!” and that was the beginning of what is sure to be an amazing tool to expose new and old vegans to exciting products and special offers.

Our first meeting was on January the 3rd, and literally, everything just fell into place. This was meant to be, as were we. We are unbelievably in sync and a business match with unbelievable staying power.

Like, subscribe and follow us on our journey. Become part of Living Out the Box. We will be bringing you exciting blog posts, filling you in on great Vegan places to go, Food to eat, Recipes to cook and of course, with our box you will be opening up – the gift that keeps on giving! 

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